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This is perhaps the most exciting page on our whole website. Our aim is to encourage each other in living out our divine destiny in health, wellness, happiness, wholeness and freedom. Both Christa and I have been on quite an incredible journey of discovering the power that a spiritually vibrant life holds. I personally didn’t believe that spirituality was a necessity to experience all life has to offer. Like many people I put spiritual “things” on the back burner of my life and I ran after selfish ambitions and my own personal desires. Our spiritual health is the most important part of life and without it we lack the ability to experience the fullness of our purpose on this earth.

For a part of my life my mind was full of regrets, anger, guilt and lies, my body was being destroyed by unhealthy habits, addictions and my own abuse of it, my soul was shattered by broken relationships, self hatred, shame, failure, sin and sadness. This was my normal. This is what my life looked like without a solid spiritual foundation. This is what my life looked like before I got radically transformed in the love of Jesus.


“Spirituality is where the freedom of creativity, individuality, unity and humanity meet God’s love, nature and purpose to give birth to our eternal destiny together in His extravagant redemptive goodness.”


Just like a beautiful baby born into the world we are given new spiritual life in Jesus. It takes a lifetime to grow and mature into the fullness of the joy we have been created to experience in God’s love. We are excited to be on that journey together with you. Christa and I have much to learn and experience but the spiritual realities we have encountered are so priceless so we want to share just a few of these amazing truths with you. Our spiritually vibrant lives are growing daily and we hope that yours will to. Here are just a few life changing truths that we have grown to love and champion.


A few key’s to a spiritually vibrant life

  • Learn the value of intimacy - This is the glue that bonds us together in truth. It is the highest pinnacle of relationship. It is God’s greatest desire and our greatest gift. It is fully mature love. It is our greatest source of joy. It is our families greatest treasure and our cultures greatest need.
  • Pursue truth whatever the cost – Christa and I’s pursuit of truth lead us to abundant life in an intimate relationship with Jesus. We must willing to give up our false beliefs when we encounter truth. One of our most life giving gifts and most powerful tools is repentance. Learn to use it fluently.
  • Believe with all your heart that God is completely good all the time – This fundamental idea can seem hard to reconcile with the hard circumstances of life but it is the difference between spiritual health and spiritual doubt that opens the door of our heart to unbelief and fear.
  • Learn the power of your declarations – We must use our words to speak truth daily. This is a tough one but the strength and courage it builds is worth the challenge. Everyday we must speak to the people that we encounter in life and speak out even when we are alone.  Our conviction of truth inside will bring the declaration of truth outside and that carries the power to bless, encourage and transform the world around us.
  • Learn what God says and thinks about you – How we see ourselves will determine how we live our life. If we renew our minds in the truth of what God says about us than our minds will begin to reflect God’s thoughts and our actions will soon began to mirror our minds. (This is the key along with intimacy that broke me out of addiction to meth, alcohol abuse, pornography and self hatred.)
  • Spend time alone with God – We can never waist the time we choose to spend with God. Take a walk, listen to calming music, paint a picture, write your thoughts down or just lay in silence. God is always waiting in the hidden places of our lives when no one else is around. He is waiting to encounter us with His extravagant love. This one single skill has totally transformed my life.
  • Learn to hear God’s voice – God loves to talk to us. One of the most valuable things to learn in all of life is the sound of His voice. It is so wonderful when His still small voice impacts our actions and thoughts more than the busy, noisy culture around us.
  • Get to know Holy Spirit – Holy Spirit is not a dove, He’s not an invisible forcefield that poofs from here to there. He is not a philosophy or idea and He is certainly not an ancient religious icon that is nonexistent today. He is a person and we grow in relationship with him just like we do with each other. The depth of our relationship with Holy Spirit is what edifies and strengthens our spirits to live out a victoriously overcoming life. He is our teacher, our protector,our helper our friend and so much more so it is imperative that we live everyday walking with Him.


We want to be your biggest cheerleaders. Whether you are in the depths of addiction and freedom seems to be the furthest thing away or you are experiencing the fullness of the freedom that is only found in a relationship with Jesus, we are hear to meet and encourage you. Check out the “Get to Know Us” section of our site and hear about Christa and I’s individual story of freedom and grace. Be encouraged and be free. We can always grow and there is no better place to grow than together in community.

Connect with us and tell us your story. Comment below and share your thoughts. We hope that you will encounter a passion for a happy, healthy, whole and free life that burns brighter than you ever thought possible, bringing love and hope to a world struggling in darkness.

Blessings :)


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