Acceptance on Hollywood Blvd

Today I am in Hollywood CA driving down Hollywood Blvd, and I’m thinking of all the celebrities and movie stars that seem to either get picked apart by people because they aren’t quite perfect enough or too unique and different, or not edgy enough, and the list goes on and on. Reality is that we live in a performance driven… Read more →

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Hard choices and overcoming the fear of failure (VLOG)

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Happy Girl Looking in Side Mirror

Love Yourself. Be Yourself. Living Free of Comparison.

Living a life free of comparison starts when we begin to appreciate how God made us to be. You can even congratulate him on doing a great job when he made you! If you were to create a work of art that you knew was absolutely beautiful and complex and brilliantly designed, you wouldn’t need anyone to tell you that… Read more →

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5 Surprising things God thinks about you, you may not believe.

I couldn’t believe He just said that! Every once in a blue moon we read something, hear something or see something that really challenges our normal. God loves to challenge our normal because sometimes it just doesn’t line up with His normal. I like to call it blowing up my boxes but it has been given many names renewing our mind, receiving a… Read more →

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3 Keys to Overcoming Porn Addiction

Porn addiction SUCKS? HERE ARE A FEW VALUABLE KEYS TO OVERCOME IT! Key #1   I had spent years defeated and frustrated with the battle against porn until something change in my mind and actual gave me something worth fighting for. What changed? Let’s take a walk together and talk about what it takes to slay the dragon of porn… Read more →

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Is Adrenaline Healthy For Our Bodies?

It’s all for the Rush… Or is it?

IT’S  ALL FOR THE RUSH… OR IS IT? Is being an adrenaline junky healthy for our bodies? Adrenaline is an amazing tool built into our body that helps us cope with the high stress circumstances that often happen when we least expect it. High levels of it can energize our muscles to seemingly super human levels but can also overload or override… Read more →

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What you don’t know about how you look…

How do you look today?   What did you think about yourself when you looked in the mirror this morning? How you see yourself will define how you live. It is such a challenge to continually have a good self image. So many of us fight with self hatred, dissatisfaction, low self esteem and low self worth. What’s the truth in… Read more →

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Thoughts on marriage in under a minute (VLOG)


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Sweet Surrender

She surrendered to love and emerged fearless…… We were created for love. Not just any love though…. perfect, extravagant, unconditional, fulfilling your every need and reaching the deepest parts of your heart love. We were created to be known and loved in the most intimate and vulnerable places of our hearts and lives. This love that I speak of is… Read more →

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In walks unconditional love

About 8 months ago one of my teachers asked me to put my hand on my heart and ask my heart how it was doing…. I had never talked to my heart before and thought that this was a very strange thing we were being asked to do, but I did it anyway, what could it hurt:) When I asked… Read more →

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