My Truths

“Words kill, words give life;

They’re either poison or fruit — you choose”

(prov. 18:21 msg bible)

These are my personal truths that I choose to believe. I encourage you to write down all of the negative things/ lies that either you or someone else has thought or spoken out over you. Ask Holy Spirit what the truth is and start declaring it! You are welcome to use mine if they apply:)

  1. I am worthy of love

  2. My heart is worth holding

  3. I can depend on other people

  4. I want someone to take care of me, and I am worth taking care of

  5. I am an attractive woman

  6. I will be married someday to someone I want to be married to

  7. I am incredibly talented

  8. I am worth getting to know

  9. I can afford to be picky

  10. My husband is amazing

  11. I am strong, I am sexy, I am beautiful

  12. shoulders and arms, you are beautifully sculpted

  13. Back you are strong and straight. You carry peace.

  14. Stomach, you are strong and lean

  15. Hips, you have amazing shape

  16. Thighs, you are strong and able to be lean

  17. Knees, you have perfect alinement and durability

  18. Calves, you are  the perfect size

  19. Body, I love you no matter what size

  20. Bones, you are strong and amazing

  21. My Features are striking! My face is so beautiful

  22. I love everything about me

  23. I can take time to listen to by body

  24. I carry peace

  25. Body and mind there is no lack

  26. I can eat around people and life comes through food

  27. I have an abundance and wealthy mindset

  28. I have a fast metabolism

  29. It’s easy for me to loose weight

  30. I’m Gods perfect creation, loved unconditionally by my father in heaven.


After saying these every morning and night I feel pretty amazing!! Thanks for checking out my truths :)

-Christa Curtiss


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