Keeping your soul WHOLE



What’s our soul and how do we make it whole?


At the center of our body is our heart. Our heart is an amazing organ. It never stops pumping blood. Day and night it’s pumping blood into our body, keeping us alive. However, there is more to the center of our body than just a physical organ that is keeping us alive. Our heart is also the center of our being. Its constantly working to enable us to experiance all that we are created for. Our soul is our mind, will and emotions and it is eternal. It is the difference between human organic material and a human being. It is the unique control center that is responsible for influencing our perceptions, beliefs, actions, choices, feelings, hurts, joys, pains and the greatest experience of all LOVE. It is what give us the capacity to have relationships.

“We can have riches in our bank account, amazing physical health in our body, brilliance in how we use our mind but if we want to experience real prosperity its root are set in one place, OUR SOUL.”

We use our souls to emotionally connect to another person, place, object, substance, idea or pursuit. Our soul is like the soil of our life. The world sees the fruit of what we’ve planted in our lives both posative or nagitive. Our soul is the place where our hope and fears are rooted. We have been given the job of managing our own soul. As we grow in wisdom while protect our hope and recognize and working through our pains, hurts and dissapointments, we are filled with the beauty of prosperity inside. Our prosperity is not depedent on the circumstans around us… Wholeness is an inside job.


We’ve all heard the term “Broken Heart”. Well that is the expression of our soul. There are many signs of a soul that is not functioning in wholeness. Here are just a few.

Signs of a broken soul

1.  Hurts from the past never seeming to heal

2.  Relationships falling apart

3.  Chronic anger and frustration

4.  Depression and addiction

5.  Feeling hopeless

These are the fruit that grow from the roots of a broken soul and thay are responsable for producing much of the internal distruction in our lives. However, we are here to share with you good news. Our soul is broken or damaged by one thing and it is fixed by one thing… LOVE!!! Love is the only way to find healing. Love is the only way to find wholeness. Love is the only way to prosper. The nutriants needed to keep your soul healthy are all found in love. What does a soul that is living in wholeness look and feel like? Here is a list of the wholeness of a prosperous soul in action.

Wholeness in Action


1. Love – Putting others before yourself and celebrating truth in everyone and through everyone around you.

2. Joy- Being free to seeing the truthfully positive potential in a person or situation and declaring that truth as reality, the ability to be strengthened by truth, the root of the expression of being happy, healthy whole and free, meditating on truth, dreaming big, being apart of seeing people step into their destiny while fullfilling your own, the blissful presence and knowledge of God.

3. Peace- Being able to fully experience the good and bad emotions that come with all lifes circumstances while making wise choices and being responsible for your actions, giving others a place to speak into your life.

4. Patience- Having the capacity to recognize progress, celebrate achievements and mistakes, plan and excicute well in highly emotionally driven circumstances, recognizing the value of how you spend your time and where you are going, the ability to work for something that is not readily available to experience, persaveriance.

5. Goodness- Treating others with humility and respect, creating oppertunity for growth in others, Seeing the value in blessing others, fighting on behalf of someone else, a lifestyle of grace and mercy towards all people, sacrificing for anothers wellbeing.

6. Kindness- The act of intentionally recognizing a need and fullfilling it without expecting anything in return, confronting lack and genuinly desiring to make a differnece by providing a service to help or encourage someones life, relentlessly blessing those around you, becoming a conduit for others healthy growth mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

7. Faithfulness- Being transparent and acountable in every situation, championing and speaking well of people when they are not around, keeping your word, building strong relational foundations with others that result in healthy family’s and community, doing the right thing when it’s the hardest.

8. Gentleness- Compassion for those in need, willingness to validate others needs and desires, emotional stability, ability to connect with those who are different or have diferent expressed perspectives or beliefs, acceptance of others, the ability to listen.

9. Self-Control- The ability to do the right thing in the midst of nagatively competing emotions or desires, the choice of giving up something for the benifit of one or many around you, the act of championing your yourself by setting standards and values and holding to them, controling your emotions, supporting a lifestyle of change, variety, spontanaity and solid healthy discaplines.

This is not an in-depth list but just some thoughts to give us a look into what it a life lived in wholeness looks and feels like. Wholeness looks like loving ourselves wildly and loving others radically. If this looks like the type of foundational values that you want to see your heart, health, relationships, family, community and culture built in than your at the right place. This is what we are created for and this is what we are championing in each other.

The wholeness of our soul depends on it being connected to a vibrant spirit. All of these values are simply fruit of the spirit that is nurtured by love and truth in the soil of our soul. Check out our page “becoming spiritually free” to see where the journey of being happy, healthy, whole and free really begins!


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