“Words kill, words give life;

They’re either poison or fruit — you choose”

(prov. 18:21 msg bible)


 I have made a decision to only speak life over myself. I made a commitment to say all my declarations out loud every morning and night! Some of them I believed whole heartedly, and some I simply spoke out in faith. Now that I am thinking life and promoting positive thoughts the negative ones stick out like a sore thumb. Seriously! I never realized the things I was speaking over myself without even thinking about it. For example: I have said for pretty much my whole life that I have a slow metabolism… ahhh! I’ve also said that I have a hard time loosing weight.

Our belief systems create our realities, so if I believe that I am destined to always have  issues with my body then that is what is going to happen!

I decided that I needed to know exactly what my beliefs about myself were, so I wrote them all out being as honest as possible. (seeing that the nature of deception is not knowing that you are being deceived there are bound to be hidden beliefs) Once I had them all out on paper it was obvious that this list didn’t match up to the one that told me what God thinks of me! I had been thinking and speaking out lies, and the worst part was that I believed them for so long that the truth sounded crazy.

Some of my declarations are the opposite of the lies I was believing, and some of them are what God has told me that I am! I choose to listen to Holy Spirit and believe that his words about me are truth. God’s love for me is unconditional! He is my biggest fan, he is always for me, he is always in a good mood, and will always build me up. How do you know what to believe? That’s easy for me…. Good = God Bad = devil

We were created to love and be loved, and to live in the fullness of joy that is in his presence!! That is the God that I know and love:)

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  1 comment for “Declarations

  1. Alene Markillie
    25 March, 2013 at 8:48 am

    I can’t wait to read more. You are so honest and transparent and bring great hope with truth. THANKS!

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