Her Declarations

Declarations have truly changed my life. I walk in freedom today thanks in part to the power of declarations. Speaking the truth of what God says, even if it doesn’t match the negative beliefs that we have partnered with over the years is the first step in disabling those lies. If I believe negative things about myself then I will in turn teach others to have those same opinions about me, and  we will tailor our perception of circumstances to accommodate whatever beliefs have the strongest voice.

My Declarations have changed over time depending on what is going on in my life. Feel free to use my declarations, or you can write your own declarations that are more specific to you in the season you are in. Just remember that any area of your life that isn’t full of HOPE, means you are believing a lie in there somewhere. God is good and full of HOPE for your life and future:)

My Declarations

  1. I am enough
  2. I love everything about me
  3. My body is beautiful
  4. I am the perfect size
  5. I have a fast metabolism
  6. I love eating healthy and staying active
  7. I will still be active when I’m 80 years old


  1. I am fearless
  2. Jesus is my heart motivation
  3. In every situation I choose love
  4. My life is dedicated to worship God
  5. I believe in the promises God has spoken over my life
  6. I am full of courage and boldness in every circumstance
  7. My emotions are beautiful
  8. I love being a woman and embrace the mothering nurturer within me
  9. There is nothing that can separate me from the love of God or take me away from his presence
  10. I am righteous and my nature is to live out the goodness and righteousness of God
  11. I am important and valuable
  12. My joy is found in blessing his heart
  13. I have died to selfish ambition and am alive in love
  14. I am humble
  15. I allow people to see me fully
  16. I welcome accountability
  17. I am strengthened in community
  18. I live to know God more
  19. My life is going to effect many generations to come


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