Is Adrenaline Healthy For Our Bodies?

It’s all for the Rush… Or is it?

IT’S  ALL FOR THE RUSH… OR IS IT? Is being an adrenaline junky healthy for our bodies? Adrenaline is an amazing tool built into our body that helps us cope with the high stress circumstances that often happen when we least expect it. High levels of it can energize our muscles to seemingly super human levels but can also overload or override… Read more →

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My Favorites

I love trying new products and figuring out what works and what doesn’t! I am always looking for the cutting edge both in fitness and nutrition, and thought I would share some of my favorite finds over the years:) One of my favorite products is calcium bentonite clay: Mix equal parts clay and either apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar… Read more →

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Loving myself on purpose

There is a big difference between loving my body for what I can get out of it, and loving my body like my child and wanting to take care of it. I would never starve my child, or deny it love just because it wasn’t perfect. With a child you want it to have exactly what it needs to grow… Read more →

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