My Little Axton has Left Me Speechless.

A Dad’s Greatest Desire


Some would say 4 a.m. is never a good time to be awake. I would have agreed up until a little over 6 months ago when I had a profound gift enter my life. Tonight, 4 a.m. happens to be some of the most valuable time I have with my 6 month old son Axton. When I stare into the sleeping face of my son, wrapped in my arms, time stops and I’m left with a crystal clear picture of something this world desperately needs to experience. The embrace of a Daddy.



Where have all the dad’s gone? In our day we are experiencing a serious issue. A large part of our generation doesn’t know what a safe and loving dad is like. Many homes are shattered by a real world epidemic called selfishness. Much of the pain that we carry around through life is rooted in the experiences our dads’ left us with as a child. Many of us never had a dad around long enough to leave any memories at all. every one of us have been effected by the tragedy of divorce. I was told growing up that divorce happens because marriage is so hard but I’ve realized this claim is flat out wrong. Divorce happens because our selfishness is not compatible with God’s design for family.


Family is the most profound picture of God we have on earth today. There is nothing that displays the nature of God more beautifully than a healthy husband and wife choosing to give their life to raise a child in love. Being parents the way God designed strengthen our love as a husband and wife and amplifies the wonder of each of our unique roles within a family. So what is our role as dad in our family?


Dad’s gives identity. For good or for bad. It is my job as a dad to teach my son Axton who he is. My wife Christa and I have equally important roles to play in helping Axton grow into a man but as his dad I am responsible to serve my wife in completing the joyful task of revealing to my son who he is. No one else should do this. Our sons and daughters are created to hear who they are from the mouth of their dad which is to be echoed by their mom. Not from the media, government, school systems or any other voice in their life. If we have no dad using his authority to speaking identity in love, to us as kids, we are unsure of who we truly are. This identity crises causes us to step into a lifelong search for purpose, value and identity from other sources.


The idea of family values is becoming more and more perverted. We fail to keep commitments we made in love when our nature is still selfishness. The problem creating the destruction of our families is not one of taking God out of the equation. The problem is we don’t know that God is our dad to begin with. We may call God a “Father” but do we know Him as our “Dad”.


So many of us feel so far away from God. It’s not because God has distanced himself from us. It’s because God wants to be our Dad but we don’t want to believe he is that close to us. Some of us don’t want to give God a place that has been wrongly abused by terrible dad’s that have left  us with scars of rejection or the pain of being unwanted. What is the result of all of this? How many times have you heard one of God’s kids call Him by Dad? It feels so foreign to call God dad. Why is that?



10003384_1288537164506396_1758878818155595795_nWhen I hold my son Axton I say one word over and over in the hopes that he will repeat it back to me. I want him to call me dad. The first thing I want my son to know about who he is- is the reality of who I am to him. The truth that I am his dad is the first reality that shapes who he knows himself to be. You won’t find me trying to get him to call me by any other name. I don’t try to get him to call me provider, life giver, moral figure, father, authoritative guy, giver of the law, rewarded, gift giver or punisher. No other title carries the right meaning unless he first recognizes me as his dad. So who’s your daddy?


Jesus paid the high price take away my selfish nature and give me the nature of love so that I can build my family the way God intended. He intended us to be part of His family. Being His son defines how I lead and serve my family as a dad. There is something eternally powerful about what Jesus did at the cross. This truth is meant to transform our culture and redeem the beautiful creation of marriage and family. However, we haven’t gotten it yet. We don’t believe it yet. I’m going to give it to you straight but with this truth comes a choice you have to make.


We could “know” God before Jesus came. We could see His power and believe in His love. We could even give our life to serve and honor him. But there is one thing that we couldn’t do until Jesus paid the highest price with his own blood. We couldn’t call God our Dad. Jesus made a way for a good Dad to teach us who we really are. He wants us to know we are made to be a spitting image of Him. The fact that we are still learning how to call him dad just means we are still babies in his arms. One of these days we will wake up, look into His eyes and say, “Da-Da”. He will look down into our eyes and say, yes, I AM!

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