Acceptance on Hollywood Blvd

Today I am in Hollywood CA driving down Hollywood Blvd, and I’m thinking of all the celebrities and movie stars that seem to either get picked apart by people because they aren’t quite perfect enough or too unique and different, or not edgy enough, and the list goes on and on. Reality is that we live in a performance driven society, where a ridiculous amount of energy goes into judging the people around us. We become slaves to the general opinion. Performance for acceptance can look like a lot of different things. It’s the student who has to have straight A’s to feel like they have value , or the class clown who feels seen and valued when all eyes are on them. It’s the man who feels he is only worth his pocket book, or the girl who won’t eat because she is only as valuable and loved as she is skinny. Building the foundation of your worth on the acceptance of people is a slippery slope to self-hatred. You wind up taking every negative thing you have ever heard anyone say about anyone and super-impose those things onto yourself as what you need to be in order to be loved and accepted. What if instead of picking ourselves apart everyday, we woke up celebrating who God made us and others to be? We each have a giant stamp on us that says, “APPROVED“! That stamp comes from Jesus, its eternal and trumps any opinion that anyone might have. So lets wake up saying,

“I’m so happy that I am accepted and loved today and forever. Thanks Dad for making me so unique, you did such a great job because I am one of an amazing kind. I’m excited to get to be me today!”

Now that you know how amazing and accepted you are, you can recognize┬áthe greatness in people around you. Here’s where it gets fun:) An ordinary day just turned into a day where you are no longer self-consciously walking through life wondering how people perceive you. Now you are free to recognize the beauty and greatness around you without being intimidated by it.



So… Pay a compliment to a stranger, or call up a friend and tell them the great qualities you see in them and encourage them to be themselves. Celebrate someone else’s talent or gifting by supporting them and encouraging them to go after the things in their heart. Living in a world that is self-focused and need for acceptance driven leads to a world without love and full of fear.

Be the change we all want to see manifest and become love.

Celebrating all that is you,


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