It’s all for the Rush… Or is it?


Is being an adrenaline junky healthy for our bodies?

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Adrenaline is an amazing tool built into our body that helps us cope with the high stress circumstances that often happen when we least expect it. High levels of it can energize our muscles to seemingly super human levels but can also overload or override our emotions and rational thinking in just seconds. In short it can high jack our ability to make good decision.

Now, I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to give you a lecture filled with big scientific terms (I wouldn’t be able to spell them if I tried). I am going to take you into a different aspect of the subject of the “The Rush”.

In he past, I’ve been hooked on all sorts of addictive substances. You name it and at one time or another it’s most likely been in my body. I’ve spent years learning to manage the freedom I’ve been given to make choices as to what I put in my body and I’m happy to say that today I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. Along the journey I’ve learned something that I’ve rarely heard anyone talk about, so here I go.

“For some of us the hardest addiction to break isn’t what we choose to put into our body, it’s the situations we choose to put our bodies into.”

I’ve risked my life countless times, and like many who pursue “The Rush”, I’ve suffered head injuries, stitches, broken bones and torn various parts of my body up while embarking on a journey to find the most extreme experience I can survive. Looking back I’ve spent a lot of time asking myself a few questions. These are the question I want to hit.

Why do we do this? What do we gain? Is it healthy? 

Though some moms may argue against this point, it’s very rarely a matter of any sort of brain deficiency and it’s not a result of an unbalance of chemicals in our bodies. From my experience in breaking free of many unhealthy physical addictions, I’ve learned that adrenaline addiction can and I believe many times does stems from the root of an emotional deficiency. While addiction comes in many forms it is always focused on one task, the destruction of our minds, hearts and bodies and the choice vehicle it uses to drive destruction into our lives is the our emotions… Lets look a little further down into the subject.


Our heart is our center for emotional control. Though most of us guys wouldn’t admit it we have the potential to be just as emotional as you beautiful ladies (emotions are a good thing). And remember the topic of adrenaline junkies isn’t something that only guys can struggle with.  Whether dude or chick we are all looking for something when we take the plunge off a cliff (and no I’m not talking about marriage). It’s very simple in fact. We are created to have a whole heart. When we have a healthy heart emotionally and spiritually we don’t need to fill gaps and holes in our heart with a substance or experience. I am learning in my journey that when our heart is whole the adrenaline we choose to pursue is that of experiencing life in health and happiness to the fullest and not making up for what life’s not or the pain that it is.

Even as healthy people we can make mistakes or go overboard which often have consequences of their own but they are singular occurrences and not unhealthy lifestyles that continually take the wheel of our emotions and reap a harvest of pain and destruction.

“Risk is part of life. We can only live a truly full life if we make wise choices. It takes wisdom to manage life in the midst of emotions and challenges. That’s how we grow.  Wisdom is the safe zone we never leave in the midst of going places we’ve never been and doing things we’ve never done.”

So here’s a tip… Go challenge yourself, feel the rush and get uncomfertable. Have fun and use your gift of free will to the fullest. Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking that the greatest experience is one you have alone. A healthy heart and healthy relationships are the platform we stand on to experience the fullness of what this radical life has to offer.

Happy risking, jolly jumping, joyful dropping, have fun experiencing life and don’t forget that true love is the most extreme experience life has to offer!

-Jared Curtiss

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