My Favorites

I love trying new products and figuring out what works and what doesn’t! I am always looking for the cutting edge both in fitness and nutrition, and thought I would share some of my favorite finds over the years:)

One of my favorite products is calcium bentonite clay:


Mix equal parts clay and either apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar to make a mask for your face or body. This stuff is seriously amazing! I should use it more, but try to at least do one a week. It’s so funny cause the next day someone always comments on my skin:) You can also drink this healing clay. It’s supposedly pulls all the metals and toxins through the intestines and then all the way out:) Don’t eat for 2 hours prior to drinking or 1 hour after. You can find this either on line or in most health food stores in the cosmetic section.

I love almond milk!!!



I switched to almond milk about 3 years ago and I love it! I mean it’s a win win! Almond milk has 50% more calcium than regular milk. Non-fat milk has 80 cal/cup and unsweetened vanilla almond milk (what I drink) only has 30 cal/cup!! Also did you know that the humans are the only race that continue to drink milk after we have weened from our mothers, and not only that but cow milk isn’t even intended for humans… it’s for baby cows:) Have you ever noticed how fast baby cows grow? I choose not to have dairy be apart of my nutrition, and it works really well for me:) Everyone is different though, and you have to do what makes your body feel the best!

Bragg Liquid Aminos



Use this amazing product instead of soy sauce, on your salad, or pretty much anything:) Tastes great and it’s good for you too!

Protandim and True science:



Hands down the most incredible product/supplement I have seen. There has never been a supplement mentioned by brand name on until protandim. It is per-reviewed and proven to lower oxidative stress in the body by an average of 40%. I call it the everything pill and everyone should be on it! True science is like protandim on the outside. It’s a powerful anti-aging cream, but also so much more than that! Check out my page life vantage/protandim to watch the ABC report and to order.

Coconut oil:



Unrefined coconut oil is great for cooking or just have a tbs every morning… it revs up your metabolism and feeds your body good fats. This amazing product can also be used on your hair and skin. I like to leave it on my hair over night:) It’s cheaper than most beauty products, and I love the ways my hair and skin feel!!

Gotta love Chia seed!


A 1 tbsp. serving of chia seeds provides 65 calories. Chia seeds absorb many times their weight in liquid, however, so 1 tbsp. of chia seed may result in a serving of 1/2 cup or more if the seeds have been soaked in water, juice or milk.

I like to soak my seeds in almond milk and add them to my smoothie in the morning. This creates that nice thickness without needing to use a banana or yogurt! They are a super food so you get tons of nutrients with every tbs. I also like to put them in my oatmeal and sprinkle them on my salads. Don’t go crazy cause they do have fat and calories just like any other seed or nut:)


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  1. Amanda J. Bell
    23 March, 2013 at 1:22 am

    This is a good idea! And it looks like fun! :)

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