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My Little Axton has Left Me Speechless.

A Dad’s Greatest Desire   Some would say 4 a.m. is never a good time to be awake. I would have agreed up until a little over 6 months ago when I had a profound gift enter my life. Tonight, 4 a.m. happens to be some of the most valuable time I have with my 6 month old son Axton.… Read more →

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Discovering LOVE

Over the last couple of years I have been on a journey with God discovering ‘Love’. I know that I am destined to be a radical lover of Jesus, and also of this world, but to be real, the reality of God’s love is not always manifested in mine. On this journey of discovering love and discovering God, because God… Read more →

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Spiritual Strength Training

My wife Christa absolutely LOVES going to the gym. It baffles me. She feels some sort of a release by going to work at becoming stronger. To be honest I’m super new to the gym. Quite frankly, for the most part I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m slightly worried that someone might secretly video tape me working out… Read more →

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Understanding Hope in Tragedy

There are places in life where hope comes easy. There are places where our natural reaction is to see the future through the lens of hope. It’s hard to find a mother that looks into the eyes of her newly born child and doesn’t naturally see that child’s future through the lens of hope. Life is full of moments of… Read more →

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